Medianova eBusiness GmbH

Digitisation will change our society and the business world sustainably. It is frequently used as key word and often considered as the death of conventional jobs. However, digitisation is simply the use of technology to digitise processes to make them more convenient. It is our job to develop and give support to exactly these changes.

The Development and funding of technologically innovative projects is one of the core competences of our company. Projects of costumers but primarily internal projects are created, implemented and given support. Together with our partners we try to accompany the project on its way until the finished product is done.

MedianovaData Software GmbH

Hight quality and the technologically innovative aspiration while implementing a project is ensured by software development on the highest level. We have been following the constant changes of the IT branches, acquired long lasting customer relations and improved our core competences for twenty years now, and these are:

  • Software development for individual requirements
  • Development/Implementation of particular business processes
  • Interface development and -implementation
  • Desktop and web applications / mobile apps