Medianova eBusiness GmbH operates in the field of technological innovations with services like project development, funding and implementation. It is our specialty to develop innovative processes and products and give support to these projects. Due to the combination of know-how and highest competences both in software development and system maintenance, high prospects of success of the realization of your innovative ideas and options are guaranteed. The numerous projects of diverse dimensions strengthened our position and the trust of our clients. The company was found in 1996 as a one-man business, since 1999 it is a non-incorporated firm and in the year 2004 it evolved into Medianova eBusiness GmbH located in Gleisdorf. Since 2001 there is a stake in MedianovaData Software GmbH (subsidiary, Budapest, software development). Together there is a team of 10 dedicated people for your service.

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Dr. Kurt Winter, MBA, M.Sc.
Court surveyor
Certified Management Consultant, CMC

Specialised in the fields of:

  • IT management
  • Business processes
  • Business process development
  • Software development

Dr. Kurt Winter is operating for more than 20 years now as an IT-Businessman and occupies himself with the planning and implementation of comprehensive IT-projects. His core competences are the development of IT-projects, the creation and supervision of product requirements documents and duties record books, project management and project coordination and writing surveys for public and private employers.

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Laszlo Kapos
Certified mathematician

Specialised in the fields of:

  • Software development
  • Business processes
  • Algorithms

Hr. Kapos (*1963) gained his graduate degree in mathematics at the university ELTETTK in Budapest. He is operating in the field of software development since 1983, first in the topic of numerical analysis of simulation models, later in the development and implementation of algorithms in the mathematical spectre of combinatorics. He is working on individual software development for diverse business portfolios (route optimization, transport software applications for line management, applications based on RFID for libraries, logistics for the wood industry, digital image processing as subcontractor at R and D projects). He and his team of computer scientists are responsible for the software development.