Project development

Medianova develops innovative technological projects and implements them according to the wishes of our customers. A well-founded know-how and a complete observation of the project conditions are essential. The challenge of consistently working with new content is a guarantee for high competence. Hight experience in project implementation and handling ensures fast and efficient working.

Project funding

In the last few years subsidiary funding of technological innovations became an important part for innovative companies to implement their projects. It often occurs that companies cannot quite look through the field of subsidies and feel like these are highly complicated against long odds. Whereas Medianova sets itself the task to give support to interesting technologic project to receive possible subsidies and therefor contribute to a less risky project for the applicant company


The targeted and individual software development of MedianovaData simplifies the computational implementation of business processes and work routines of our clients. The adjustment of the used tools and developed applications make it possible to create optimal operational environments.

Special strengths of the software development are:

  • Setup of data models and databases
  • Development of mathematical algorithms for process optimization
  • Development of software and hardware interfaces
  • Great experience in the intranet, mobile data collection
  • low and high level interface development
  • Cross-platform development for mobile applications with integration of maps, routing and navigation
  • Development of web applications and mobile apps

Used as technical development environment:

  • C++, C#, .NET
  • MVC architectural patterns
  • PHP 5-7, in several frameworks
  • Several SQL data bases, especially MS SQL, Firebird, MySQL
Consulting and testimony service

The evaluation of offers and recommendations of award are fundamental parts of many project implementations. Medianova supports these processes with expertise on demand and checks the fulfilment of the customers’ requirements. The core competences are in the field of internet applications, especially eCommerce and eBusiness.