Here is a list of some of our projects to visualise our work.

Merkurphila GmbH (2016 – now):

Business solutions for the commercial trade of stamps, the online system of trade of stamps by auction, extensive ERP solutions with interfaces to eBay and other online auctions and shopping platforms. The customary business processes for trading, online trading and auctioning are represented in line with demand and in an exact way within software and web applications. Besides a RKSV-conform cash register, expensive calculations of payments for suppliers of auctions as well as the process of purchase inclusive difference taxation are represented. Extensive categorization and catalogue systems realise automated high level translations and auction processes at the same time. Desktop, web and third-party application flow into one another in a not noticeable way.

Holzcluster Steiermark (2002 – now):

WoodLogistics, a modular built software, is used to control and optimise the whole procurement process of wood, beginning from the forest over the logging companies and the carrier to the sawmill. The target of the web based system solution is to make the purchase of round wood more efficient for sawmills, to constantly inform about the current status and to increase trust between the involved sides. The trust is based on a transparent and fast information on demand of the right people. It is used by well-known companies within wood industry.

Access2Life (2014 – 2015):

A mobile assistance system for an easier access to fully handicapped accessible organizations for people suffering a constraint on mobility. The development of apps, a geographic information system, a map navigation, a vacancy reporting system for handicapped parking space, test message service for personal assistance. Research project: Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft (FFG).

Autocluster Steiermark (2012 – 2013):

Member administration of Autocluster Steiermark with functionalities like system administration with permission systems, member management with data acquisition, export, search and filter functionalities, company code numbers, interface to self-maintenance systems through homepage and web display, contact management to the members, event management with enrol function and interface to the online booking, course management (ACS academy) with entry and processing, invoicing of membership fee, calculation of event and course bills, free invoicing, statistics and analysis.

Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft (FFG), Forschungsprojekte: (2009-2013):

“MSdek-pro / MSdek-plus”, development of traffic sensors based on video, radar and laser, prototypical application within traffic census and traffic management (vehicle actuated traffic signal control), founding of the “ARGE MSdek Verkehrstechnik”.
The project objective was to develop a easily handle able mobile sensor system for traffic data acquisition at complex traffic situations with intent to be input of a traffic flow analysis (traffic planning): Every necessary input parameter like the amount of pedestrians or vehicles, traffic relations, type of vehicle (bicycle, car, truck, bus, trailer train), size/length, timestamp, speed should be provided. Developed tools are:

  • Data acquisition: concept and development of a mobile, automated and video-based sensor for data acquisition.
  • Data processing: development of software tools for measuring, error correction, encoding, data fusion, calculation of key figures and data transformation.
  • Data analysis and traffic-wise planning: development of software tools to identify of motion sequences and evaluation of traffic streams differentiated by pedestrians and vehicle type.

For traffic management (vehicle actuated traffic signal control) following sensor system were developed:

  • Real time traffic data acquisition as a basis for current traffic management (traffic conditions) with a recognition of interruption of traffic flow of road networks and to differentiate detections of movement or standstill of a vehicle.
Some more projects
Terminfracht Austria (2000 - now):

Line management for overnight shipping agencies, transportation management, internal and external bill calculation (windows desktop application), online shop, over 80 connected companies.

Argus Video Server (1999 – 2012):

Completely self-developed long term video recording system for visual surveillance, pioneer on the market, certified for banks, used in over 300 projects in different branks, industry sectors, trade and commerce sectors, public sectors, Austrian Armed Forces, etc.

Town Gleisdorf (2012):

“Vereinsscheck”, annual circular of subsidization for children and teenager in the whole municipal area inclusive of a redeem system with the help of barcodes. Desktop application.

Holzcluster Steiermark (2013):

“Biomassenhof”, administration, logistic, billing calculation system all across Austria for processing business processes within bio mass plants.

Die Oststeirische Städtekooperation (2004 - now):

Town voucher management, central server management for the organisation of the Eastern Styrian town voucher of eight different towns in Eastern Styria. Data transfer from local systems to the central control, billing between the partners (Clearing), voucher distribution, voucher sales and voucher redeem, several evaluations.

Chance B (2013 – 2014):

“KomKom”, competence recording software, web application for administrators, catalogue creation, data acquisition and managements of SIUs, support supervisors and transit employees, within a multi-customer capable environment, simplified input of tablets (easy reading) for a self-assessment of trainees as a mobile application.

AWAS-NET Hochwasseralarmierungssystem (2006 – 2008):

Development of a fully automated surveillance and control system of public guard on the example of two flood control reservoirs. Based on the surveillance data of current incidents needed actions are shown and the surveillance data is delivered to the affected institutions, positions and persons on the one hand. On the other hand, alarm of the plan of action and forces is started.
A text message about the happening incident can be send fully automated to responsible people. The other way around the responsible people can start the process of securing the buildings and objects.
Consortial project with seven different partners funded by FFG and BMVIT.

ASFINAG mobiles Verkehrsmanagement (2012):

Conducting a feasibility study on behalf of ASFINAG within a transport infrastructure research 2011. A concept for the functionalities and the technology of mobile traffic influencing measure systems around spontaneous incidents (like accidents) for road constructions sites and major events was developed.
A system setup was proved consisting of active components (traffic condition sensor as a revolving/lean/zoom camera, sensor for the volume of traffic based on video and different display panels), passive components (power supply unit, remote data transmission unit and different mounting bars), basis components (basic mounting elements for different mountable versions), as well as central unit (system control and management, surveillance and traffic influencing measure, system administration).

Results, executive consortium and further information.